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Craig Hocker (kironin) wrote:
Yes, quite possibly. It as been argued that our intelligence increased out of the pressure to deal succesfully (having offspring) with the increasing complexity of social politics within our groups. Craig
I forgot to say also that part of our increased intelligence is the ability of empathy.

It helps us model the minds of others in our group and help us predict what they might do in any particular situation. Thus in aikido,

sensing or knowing your opponent's mind is something we can be trained to excell at because our evolutionary history has given us these tools.

At our best we cooperate as a team, we cooperate as a society to get things done. I think there is a lot in Aikido that capitilizes on the innate strengths of human intelligence for cooperation. Blending/moving together as one to unbalance really plays on our natural abilities of social intelligence that have been there all along.

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