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Wynand van Dyk (drDalek) wrote:
Ah, and what if you manage to lose that "fear" and act in a counterintuitive way to conflict but still acceptable within the group, what does that make you? A hero, a messiah? O-Sensei?
Yes, quite possibly. It as been argued that our intelligence increased out of the pressure to deal succesfully (having offspring) with the increasing complexity of social politics within our groups. There is also the sobering result from group studies that those that arise as the emergent natural leaders tend to be those who are also better at decieving other members of the group when tested.
I have been getting some rather coy smiles from the supposedly less sexualy aggressive (lies I tell you!) gender after I started doing Aikido, something I attribute to a relaxed, upright posture and general feeling of confidence.
You have a good point there. Some would say we still have a stone age mind.

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