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One mind - one body

The known conscious and sub-conscious, science have parted the mind. Partitioned every section.

Aikido removes the unnecessary boundary between the conscious and the sub-conscious, giving us deeper state of consciousness. Aikido teaches us to act not to react. We have to be conscious of every single movement we do, even to the beating heart. One mind, one body.

In Aikido, actually any Budo for that matter, Wether one is eating, sitting, standing, talking, fighting, and even sleeping, the state of mind should be the same. One must not differentiate one state to another.

What I have at least learned in Aikido is not training reactions (reflexes) nor training sub-conscious movements such as muscle memory and such. Actually it's the reverse, Aikido actually defies primitive instincts.

When a Samurai raises his sword above his head going into battle, he's not going to take a step back even when he knows he's going to die. The Samurai rather die in the battlefield than live in shame. This defies every rules of survival, in the animal instinct sense.

When one compares humans to animals, one will become the animal. Stop comparing, live as a human being. Take that responsibility.

We take our humanity for granted. We have yet to learn to be human.

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