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Ted, "I do have to agree with Ian Dodkin rather than Ian Hurst." - I'm puzzled here, what are you disagreeing with me about? I never said you could think in a fight, I just mused you would have to be able to if you wished to apply "aikido philosophy" to the extent I've read other people wish to.

Ian, also puzzled - if you're mainly training to react in a "less dangerous" way, why do you bother to look at the more martial aspects - other than it's fun?

Jane, "3] Your muscles do not contain gray matter," - we know, but for me it's easier to say "let you body learn, so stop thinking" than "we're training your [insert limbic system or whatever here] to counteract some of your non-beneficial learned behaviours such as.... and hopefully reduce the time delay between threat and effective counter". I admit, I'm lazy!

[insert badly translated smug admonishment here]
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