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Re: The Reptilian Brain

Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
It is only just recently that medical science has begun to understand the workings of the human mind. Shouldn't we apply those findings to Aikido, instead of relying on vague, traditional concepts?

This perspective stands dynamically opposite to the traditional approach of Aikido. It utilizes a modern knowledge of humans without any reliance on spiritual interpetations. If nothing else, it is a persuasive argument.
Well, as a neuroscientist and a aikido teacher,

I personally feel there is nothing persuasive about the argument.

There remain plenty of vague concepts in neuroscience that trained scientists can argue with each about for hours. Some of the issues take a great deal discussion and review of data to appreciate what we truly don't know. Most people for example might have a hard time beleiving that we don't understand how you see these words I have written. (I bet some people think they do.) Perhaps when we have made some real advances in understanding the neural code and other hard questions such that we can formulate something of reasonable precision at a higher conceptual level then perhaps you should come back to see if it can add something to what people have already put forth from experience and reasoning. I hesitate to predict when that will be. Ambiguity abounds.

at a high conceptual level, I am not all confident that you will change the precision of meaning of what at least I understand what is meant by mushin or zanshin, etc.

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