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Victor Ditoro
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Greetings young pilots, I'm glad you have joined me for our lecture on basic flight concepts today:

First, you must understand that, despite what others will tell you, there are no such things as "airfoils" or "wings", and no such force as "lift", an airfoil is simply a collection of atoms arranged in a particular way, and lift is the complex interplay of fluid dynamics and fundamental particle physics. So, you'll be glad to know that I'm going to teach the basics of flight entirely using quantum and particle physics, without the need for such vacuous concepts as lift and drag, and without the needless abstractions of wings and rudders.


...In philosophy, the complete translation of a framework to a more basic framework is known as "intertheoretic reduction", and just because it is "possible" doesn't mean you should do it, or want to, or necessarily care. Even the most staunch materialist, who believes that all emotion and mental 'qualia' are equal in the hard sense to neural activity, still uses the words "like" and "hate" instead of describing neural patterns because the words communicate more. The words are required, despite the fact that they might be reduced to other words. Through language, its possible to explore the deeper meaning of words without worrying about whether the words are reducible to other words. They might be, but to focus entirely on doing so is missing the point.

To the point, cultivating a feeling of "centerdness", or feeling energy flowing through your body out your fingertips, or thinking of the body as a fire hose, and keeping it full of water and without kinks...this kind of language is more useful (to me) in instruction and understanding then knowing how the concepts might be reduced to particular neural events.
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