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Interesting, cheers Ted.

Not sure about the neuroscience here, I suspect that the term is not used widely in scientific circles anymore, and may be a little misleading. Do we have any brain surgeons out there that can clear this up?

Whatever the science it seems a useful concept. In outdoor education (work) and Aikido, I feel we use this part of the brain to engage our more spiritual nature. Kind of like joining the top and bottom of Maslow's pyramid of needs. (see diagram here:

I would agree with Anders and Kevin though, that in many ways aikido is the opposite of fight or flight. Blend or enter are (in this respect) quite unnatural and need lots of training!

There has always been a movement to understand scientifically the basis of spirituality (for example psychological studies of Zen). Maybe this misses the point, maybe its an important growing trend. I'm not sure, what do you'll think?


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