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Re: Re: Reality=Competition?!

akiy wrote:

Actually, i think the best self-defense advice that you can have is don't get into a situation in which you may have to defend yourself...

Right on. I couldn't agree more.

Interesting stuff though. Interesting guy also.

He has taught defensive tactics to the San Diego PD SWAT, Los Angeles Police Academy, US Marshal's Service, DEA and US Navy Seals. He's been a guest instructor at the San Diego Regional Training Academy, the San Diego Sheriff's Extended Format Academy the Slovakian Special Forces Training Camp and the Polish Special Land Forces Training Academy.

He was a subject matter expert at the 1994 Use of Force Symposium for the California Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission. He taught a two-day ground fighting seminar at the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainer's (ASLET) 1994 International Conference. He taught a two day Self-Defense tactics class for the California Narcotics Officer's Annual Convention in 2000. He's appeared on national television as a self-defense expert for a syndicated television show entitled "Don't Be A Target: A T.V. Guide to Crime Prevention."


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