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Injury to me is pretty common sense. It's damage to the body caused by some kind of impact no matter how minor or severe. The term injury does not denote a certain degree of injury. It can be a minor bruise that doesn't really disable you to the level of death.

A bad bruise, in my opinion, is not minor. A bruise from someone holding on too tight is a minor bruise -- they look like little finger tips. The impact that caused Suzanne's bruise could have killed her if it was to her head. (Don't mean to freak you out Suzanne) I wouldn't call that minor.

When learning rolls, I would crash on my shoulders, a lot. Not once or twice mind you. Anyhow, it was an injury not just muscle soreness. It was minor and no need for a doctor, but still an injury nonetheless.

I've had other injuries in aikido, but not really from learning ukemi. Just practicing it in general. Your typcial tweaks and torques. Nothing to keep me away for too long.

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