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Why not try a 'jap slapping' training technique used by the SAS?

Stand in the middle of the mat surrounded by as many people as you like, get them to attack you one by one in a clockwise direction with a realistic punch, kick, grab, weapon etc..
When you get really confident you can tell them to use any attack they like.... and when you get really really confident you allow them to attack at will.....and when you get really stoopid you can allow multiple attacks...

I find its great for timing and concentration...nothing like a few slaps in the head to make you concentrate!!

Of course care is required and speed should be built up slowly as both attacker and defender to gain confidence in each other. When defending against kicks practice ward off and place techniques which are not as severe but equally as effective and can lead on to other techniques.

Another way of practicising defence against kicks is to use the jo and pretend its a leg (of a very thin person obviously!)...

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