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Yes I know who the person is, but I left the school. Should I ask Ms. Wolk to look into it?
if you know for a fact that someone is taking people's money for the purpose of USAF dues and not registering them with the ER, then yes, contact her. If it is just hearsay, then be careful about it, and ask for advice on a "hypothetical" situation. If she wants further information on this, give it to her. Let her lead. Again, if it is a verifiable fact, and this has been going on for years, then I would think you have an obligation to do so.

The problem with this thread has been some of the accusations that have been floating around, without details or fact (not yours, but a couple of others). How can anyone respond properly to innuendo and rumor (guess one shouldn't)?

Best wishes on this. Susan Wolk is a good person and should help direct you on this difficult situation.
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