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The person that started this thread has moved out of the state and also quit Aikido. Couldn't take the BS.

From what I know from speaking with the person, the problem was not with the USAF Eastern region, it was with the dojo the person belonged to. The person paid annual USAF dues for 5 years, including this year, payed testing fees each year, but the paperwork was never submitted to the USAF.

The persons point was that the CI was taking annual memebership and testing fees from ALL his students, but never registering them with the USAF.

The problem is between the USAF and the CI of the dojo.

With the exception of a handful of students, the 2nd and 1st kyu's have changed dojos within the past couple of months. They know this dojo inparticular isn't very AIKI in his practices and do not want to go through the embarassment of appling for testing at a major USAF seminar.

How would you feel if you were filling out your dan paperwork, as they are now on the brink of becoming a serious student of aikido, to be asked for their USAF memembership number and not being able to provide one.

Not sure if that would stop them from testing, as this certain chief instructor is savy with the tougue, but why be stressed over it???

I wouldn't put it pass the chief instructor to tell the student that they had to pay back membership dues and blame it on the federation.

sad, but true.
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