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Hi !

Holmes how many times a day do you check your bloodsugar ?

If you really want to get it it under control

check 4-6 times a day.

That way you will know how motion and food

and the different types of insulin interacts,

eating rye-bread 4 times a day will give

your bloodsugar a basic stability from which you can start calculating your other meals.

The problem that correct insulin/bloodsugar balance presents ,is that to keep your bloodsugar around 7,5 you will get close to the "shockarea" and a little excersise will

tip the balance,and the the counterreaction sets in and then it gets complicated as the counter reaction raises the blood sugar considerably.

Keeping the bloosugar higher will keep you from "shocking" but it will be detrimental

to your body (especially the organs).

If you need sugar fast , fruit-juice is the fastest - the sugarmolecules are the smallest

and will absorb imidiately .

Chocolate is slower working but a good

steady factor - especially dark chocolate.

When you start to sweat and get dizzy the conterreaction is in progress and can't be reversed,I know it's hard to avoid but if you can ( by checking your bloodsugar )your body will not be as strained (?) as when the bloodsugar's raising up and down.

I hope I make sense.
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