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Suzanne Cooper
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Dead :( I'm so sad and not training this week at all...

Oh, I'm so disgusted. I'm taking the week of from training to try to get healed of an injury to my right deltoid muscle.

In backwards style, I'll go ahead and tell you the moral of this story: if you get in the shower and forget something, do without it! And never walk around your bathroom in wet feet, even if you have non-skid bathmats. Here's what happened, 'cos I'm sad and hoping y'all will find it in your hearts to please cheer me up...

Five weeks ago, I forgot a washcloth when I got into the shower. I got out to get one, being CAREFUL to walk on the huge, non-skid bathmats that carpet my bathroom. I'm afraid of falling in the bathroom because the overwhelming majority of deaths from accidents at home result from falls in bathrooms.

Well, somehow my left foot went out from underneath me and I slammed onto the side of the enameled bathtub--I guess--I've never had an accidently happen so fast that I really couldn't tell exactly what happened before I hit the tub. I do know with certainty that if it had been my head that hit, I would be in a cemetery right now.

Anyway, I drove to work holding ice on my shoulder. The bruise took seven days to fully develop. It was 6" by 4". It itched and got very warm. It hurt so bad it would wake me up whenever I rolled over on it. Still wakes me up with pain when I roll over on it.

Besides a large, brown, discolored spot, the exterior bruise appearance has healed. The spot is still very sore to the touch and still has a spot that is warm.

I'm going to take care of it this week, and if I'm not 100% better by the weekend, I'll go to a doctor. It's been five weeks, it should be well by now.

I'm really scared that I've seriously injured myself. The bruise was the worst my mother, a former nurse's aid, had ever seen. It frightened my children.

I'm just really scared and sad right now.

I got guts, yes I do. I do aikido--do YOU?
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