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Kevin Leavitt
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I think spirituality is something that is discovered through experience.

Some may find the dojo and aikido to be a very spiritual place and may find that they feel closer to a God, person, or humanity in general when they are training.

Others may find drinking a good beer with the guys on Saturday watching the game to be spiritual.

Others find hunting or fishing a way of getting in touch with nature and harmony. (Not me, I find destroying life an oxymoron, but I can see how others find it that way I supose!).

I grew spiritually through the practice of the martial arts and believe it or not in much of the hard training I did in the military.

Earlier in my life the Christian Church served that purpose...but not any longer for me.

While I do find martial arts and yoga to be a spiritual practice, I would never discuss it while training since I am there to train and do, not talk.

I think spirituality is a individual thing that each person must find his own way through. Yes, I do think it is important to figure out how that Iron is wired to get to the root!!

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