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Alan Lomax
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Chris Owen (RoninKivjoru) wrote:
" My point is where the church has failed to help me find the problems in my wiring, Aikido has been succesful.
(Here I don full rubber gear and flame resistant underwear, preparing to stir the pot)

That's great, I wouldn't wear it but it looks good on you. You really have nailed the point down quite well though.

We could debate "Ki" for as long as threads exist on this website and all of the others too, but really Mike does have it down. Just because some choose to accept and others choose to deify it doesn't make it any less what it really is. Maybe it's just me, I am pretty gullible. I do tend to take certain things for granted when presented by senseis with 50 or more years of experience, who can, not only explain but demonstrate and teach the concepts and application of "Ki". Mike Lee, my thanks to you for keeping the BS detector on high.

"How much Spirituality?" indeed... That must necessarily be a function of each individual. Now, blaming Aikido for ones spirituality seems a bit shallow for me, along the lines of blaming any particular religion or political affiliation. All are pretty weak excuses. Now, Spirituality through life experience, challenge, adversity absolutely. Aikido is merely a conduit. Unfortunately many unusual and frankly unbelievable properties are bestowed upon Aikido and some Aikidoka just for Aikido's sake.

As Aikido is just a means to an end, it is not in any means the end itself. To attain the spirituality, the "Ki" or any of the other highly regarded and debated properties any one is seeking, requires the same old-fashioned recipe that so many before us have tried and proven true. Repetitive, regular training and critique over an extended period.

I quite enjoy all of the folks that believe they have such a total grasp of the many facets of such dynamic stuff as Martial Arts, Aikido is no exception. Aikido is kind of new to me but Martial Arts and Martial training is not. To gain 50 or more years of understanding, savvy, experience, I will necessarily have to be directly involved for 50 or more years. To realize the spirituality I seek I must endure experiences through training and time. WOW!!! what a concept, to get it, I have to do it. By doing it over time, my perceptions are shaped by experience. My experience shapes my outlook. My outlook adjusts my direction. My direction helps me to reach my goals. My goals are formulated and shaped by all of the aforementioned factors as well as others.

It is my opinion(seldom will I be accused of being humble) all good folks who aspire in Martial Arts training, should keep the BS detectors on high at all times. Don't blame your behavior on your respective choice of training, religion or politics. Be a good person because of your own motivation, then enjoy the enlightenment of perseverance in your chosen Art(s).

(he backs away, slowly, step by step, he turns...)


Alan Lomax
Doumukai Aikido
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