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I'm saying that the majority of modern, mainstream Christian churches, (including the one I grew up in) have let themselves become out-of-touch. It's not about testing God, you're testing yourself. You're testing your own faith. In her Book, "The Healing Light," Agnes Sanford, describes many ways to experiment with prayer for healing. It's not experimenting whether God has the power to heal, it's whether we have the faith to use his power, as He always told us we could. As Agnus says, "If we try turning on an electric iron and it does not work, we look to the wiring of the iron, the cord, or the house. We do not stand in dismay before the iron and cry, 'Oh, electricity, please come into my iron and make it work!'" My point is where the church has failed to help me find the problems in my wiring, Aikido has been succesful.

Chris Owen
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