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ze'ev erlich
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Something is missing here

Dear Jun,

Thank for always keeping Aikiweb an exciting place to visit.

I do not agree with the poll this time.

I think that no matter what you do, you will eventually teach. It might be at your dojo when you train with a beginner, it might be when you assist people before their exam, etc. I think that many instructors teach and still attend their sensei's classes.

(I hope)

When you join a dojo you train and learn.

After several years you learn train and teach.

If for some misfortune you can not attend your sensei's classes you eventually find yourself teaching and training with your students. Of course you keep on learning in a very different way.

Thank you for reading,

Ze'ev from Masatake Dojo Rehovot
Israeli Aikido Organiziation (Aikikai)

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