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of course you are correct, but I was drawing attention to the fact that if more women were put off aikido by rolling than men (or vice versa), they would not be responding because they would no longer be doing aikido and the women (and men) who stay tend not to be put off by rolling.
I agree with this, too. Although, retention rates in Aikido or Martial Arts are rather low in general. It's hard to ask those who didn't stick around. But if we assume from what we see so far that most women who responded here were at least somewhat intimitated, it would be natural to assume that this might be a factor for people leaving. I do know that a couple of new women in our dojo left because of being injured. :/

I was pretty put off by rolling, but I still stuck around. I'm pretty stubborn and I wasn't going to let rolling keep me from practicing aikido.

I also agree that aikido looks very physical. Some of our classes are pretty intense and I noticed that the women, at least the newbie, steer clear of those. We had one new woman (a transfer) join up and took one class, that is typically more hard core ukemi wise, and almost quit because the class was too intense for her. Thankfully, we have a variety of different classes offering different intensities so that she can stick around.

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