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My dojo also offers kenpo classes for adults, and over the past few months the balance has tipped til they're more than half female (nearly all are over 40). Granted, most are beginners and might not stick; but what's been happening is that women taking the classes have been telling their friends, who are signing up.

The two of us who are purple belts are the highest ranking women in the kenpo classes, but one 20-something woman used to have a blue belt when she was a kid and is quickly working her way back up.

The school's only been open for about three years. It'll be interesting to see whether there are more women or men a year from now, and whether the influx of women to the kenpo classes will spill over into the aikido classes. So far, the women I've talked with think the aikido looks too wild and physical for them, with people flying all over the room. (Ukemi fear!)

The kids' classes at our dojo (kenpo only) are about 50-50, boys-girls.
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