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I agree. Aikido, by virtue of its instruction in body unity, does build toward powerful strikes. However, I still feel that one should practice the strikes specifically and everyday. Just because one can deliver a blow powerfully doesn't mean that it will be done properly, nor does it mean one won't injure oneself in the process. Try punching the bottom 1/8th of a heavy bag as hard as you possibly can. With a fist. While trying not to get hit, etc., etc. (Written by a practitioner of karate, so you will understand the source of my bias)

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Don't be fooled by just watching aikido. There are strikes hidden in every technique. The force of strike in good aikido is very powerful, but it is a different kind of force. It is the force of a wave or a flood. It can be quite deceitful in it's appearance. The strike in aikido needs only to be a stun or distraction. Then it's over. At my dojo (a part of the "Ten Shin Aikido Association" under Master Teacher Steven Seagal Shihan) attacks in practice are real. If you strike, regardless of the speed practicing, you must intend to make contact. If the nage doesn't move, they get hit. We are always practicing strikes and blocks. You just may not be seeing it.

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