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If we look to the natural world, successfull cross-pollinization can occur in organisms of the same species. We can think of aikido as a species under the genus martial arts.

Metaphors aside, it is with this thought in mind that the Fredericksburg Aikido Club is hosting an all-Virginia Aikido Friendship Seminar on Saturday, November 1st.

Senior instructors form the major aikido organizations represented in Virginia will instruct this interesting seminar at a neutral venue, Thornburg Middle School Gym near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Imagine how we can expand our understanding of Aikido by looking at it from a variety of knowledgeable viewpoints in one training session? Each class will focus on the teachings of the different Aikido lineages.

Common Ground 2003 is a day for practitioners of Aikido to come together and experience the diversity of Virginia's Aikido Resources. Advance Registration is strongly suggested. Registration form and more info are at

Peace, Aviv Goldsmith
Aikido in Fredericksburg
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