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Pardon me for using this space to vent, but I'm feeling the need.

I made 6th kyu a year and a half ago after more than two years on the mat. Owing to illness, injury and accident I lost four months this spring but almost had enough hours in to test this past July nonetheless. I could deal with the testing master not letting me cram in the missing hours but then they pushed back the day a month - without re-evaluating who was eligible.

So I'm a little annoyed, but I can deal with it and work on practicing patience ... until everybody forgets about the next testing day. I bring the matter up with the testing master and with many an apology we discuss some possible dates. I make it clear that there is one day that I absolutely cannot make, 15 November.

I'm feeling good about this whole testing thing for the first time. I find a sempai and clear time in my calendar for extra training. And then, this morning, they announce the testing date - 15 November.
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