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Often, the rare times I ask a question (of Sensei or Sempai), I don't understand the answer. I understand the words, see their lips moving, follow the logic, but I don't UNDERSTAND.

Maybe, as quoted above, the pitcher is 20 years old, or is of a particular shape. Maybe my mug is deformed or allready filled up (hopefully, only for the moment!). It's all supposed to be the same liquid, but I'll be darned if sometimes it does not seem like another liquid or even semi-solid what they are trying to share.

Like Homer said to Marge: "Oh! Side-SHOW Bob!"

Like I said to my Sensei not too long ago "Oh! Move with your CENTER!"

(Could also be "Oh! MOVE with your center!", "Oh! Move WITH your center!", ""Oh! Move with YOUR center!" etc...)
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