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I have never seen 3 levels of stubbornness before -- usually just resistance or non-resistance.

Many dojos use resistance at the different stages of a technique though, so as to concentrate on improving one thing at a time. For instance resisting the initial tenkan forcing nage to do it properly, or only resisting the pin (kansetsu) portion of a technique so they can concentrate on rolling over the arm, etc. Resisting every single thing also has value, but on the whole I find it easier to digest in portions.

Some resistance training isn't used to perfect the technique at all -- it's used to force nage to use henka-waza (switching from one technique into another based on uke's reaction to the first technique).

Now as for training yourself not to fall prey to the "no touch" techniques, by obstinately standing there instead of will be less appealing after you get struck repeatedly with atemi because you didn't move -- but hey, it's your face do what you want with it


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