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Ha ha, that's fantastic timing indeed Ken.

When I was in junior high school one of the rotten students threw a crumpled up paper ball at the back of our English teacher while he was writing on the chalkboard. Just as it was about to hit him, our teacher whipped his hand behind his back, caught the paper ball in his hand, and then spun around and gave a glare that could kill to the student that did it…and he too fell out of his desk (and I think he choked and swallowed his gum).

There after he was a GOD among teachers and no one messed with him.

I asked him about it 4 years later when I met him at a school function, and he laughed and said his back was itchy and was trying to scratch it at the time. And he knew who did it because only one person in the room had a look of fear -- the rest were all smiling.

So in that case the timing was accidental and quite irreproducible -- but that one single incident witnessed by 30 people made him a legend.


Bruce Kimpel
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