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I had a no touch throw experience a number of years ago before I even began studying Aikido. I was teaching in a high school at the time and was writing on the board at the beginning of class. A student came in and made a particularly obnoxious comment as he was taking his seat. At that point I spun around and locked eyes with him (10 feet away and over a desk), causing him to fall out of his chair onto the floor! I had to bite my lip HARD to stop from bursting out with laughter!

Was it extension of some unseen force? Probably not. It was more likely just a case of disrupting someones mind at exactly the right instant (although I did hear somewhere that the Force exerts a strong influence over the weak minded). Do I wish I could learn to do that on demand? Absolutely.

Maresa, I am curious about this freezing technique you are talking about though. You mentioned that it is physically painful.

Could you describe it in more detail?
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