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Yeh - I'd go along with the fact that 'no touch' throws can work. Also try this 'magical' throw on someone - it can work from upto 100 yards away. When you see your friend in the distance, and they haven't noticed you, watch where they are walking and wait until they are about to walk up a kerb or avoid a lamp-post - shout a wave furiously at them, and then watch them fall over! I've tried this from a distance of about 12 m and it works on occassion.

My point is, many of these tricks are just psychological. Also, within a dojo we are trained to respond to something flying towards us. There is an instinctive reaction to protect the groin and eyes, which sometimes can be expolited. However, in a pub you'll be suprised at the number of people who just stand there and get poked in the eye. No touch throws can work - but don't depend on them! Using ki to explain this is just b*ll*cks.

(if you watch ueshiba on video, you can often see him waving one hand around whilst he throws using the other - blatent distraction).


---understanding aikido is understanding the training method---
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