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You didn't offend anyone Maresa, and while "mysteries" are only mysterious until someone "solves" them, knowing the answer doesn't make them any more or less effective. I have been privy to a few "secrets" of Aikido, and while I now know how they are done they aren't any less potent because I know.

Don't be dismayed by skeptics -- 90% of the worlds "believers" were once skeptics, questioning is how we learn.

Not everything in this world can be explained scientifically, since science is nothing more than observation (and therefore skewed by perception). Every day old observations are proven wrong, and new observations take their place. But always remember that observational science is limited to what *has been* observed. Boundaries have always been pushed by the theoretical and a healthy dose of faith.

If you have experienced it, and it works then it doesn't matter what other people think.

Don't ever apologize for what you believe, and don't be discouraged by disbelievers in any aspect of life. Unfortunately it is all too easy for us to shoot things down (especially if we don't understand it), and very hard for people to lift others up (sadly).

So Gambatte! Fight on! Continue to question, continue to learn!


Bruce Kimpel
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