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Wow, I never intended to offend anyone. After all, i've only recently been exposed to this sort of thing. I would've probably agreed with Erik whole-heartedly, six months ago.

Since I KNOW it's very difficult for people who never experienced it to acknowledge it, I am not even going to try convince anyone, since I'm still psychologically resisting it myself.

The no-touch throws are just a passing fancy, I'm not as interested in them as I am with the "freezing"

The only reasons I'm agreeing to learn it is because;

1. My muscles don't lie, those techniques hurt like hell

2. I'm small, so I need the leverage

Aikido practice varies from one dojo to another, just as Larry mentioned. I didn't train in Ki Society, the concept is introduced to my steven-seagal type dojo.

At the beginning of this thread I did ask if this part of aikido should even be considered as a martial art. I now consider that it is now, an interesting non - martial art application of Aikido.

I guess people who are studying it are really risking a lot.

- don't mind me, i'm just a philosopher -

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