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I have to agree with Eric here. In my experience, no-touch throws are simply done by Uke taking ukemi before Nage makes contact. I have done it myself where I knew the power coming at me, and just went before contact was made ( who would want to wait for a full hearted throw or atemi to make contact?? especially when my Ukemi ain't that great)It appeared I was dropped without touch, but it's just not the case. The Sensei that did it then said "see, I can make him fall without touching", I made it clear to my students afterwards what had took place. Having students exposed to this early will clearly help them "believe" it is possible, and continued practice will re-inforce that belief, unfortuately.

Joe got it right I think: "I believe that no touch throws work because uke is receptive enough to get out of the way, which isn't always the case."

Anyone teaching these as genuine techniques ( including 'freezing' someone) is making a mockery of not just Ki Society, but Aikido in general.

"Excess leads to the path of Wisdom"
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