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Ron Tisdale wrote:
Sorry, that should be zenpo kaiten ukemi ichi...zenpo forward, kaiten as in roll...

That same term, without the ichi at the end is used to mean exactly the same thing in Shodokan (Tomiki) as well. Zenpou kaiten ukemi - forward rolling breakfall.

Also, from my Ki society experience I have found that techniques tend to totally fall apart under strong, purposeful, skilled resistance. Without Uke's total cooperation they simply did not work (regardless of being touch or no touch throws). This of course is the experience in one dojo and does not necessarily represent that of the style in general.

Even in our full resistance randori I've happened to get off no touch throws on occasion, but even in the midst of doing it I knew that this had to do with my Uke knowing my movments and falling just before I touched him, rather than me actually throwing him per se. Like Joe said, being smart enough to get out of the way - which is Uke throwing himself, not Tori/Nage throwing Uke.

Just my 2 cents.


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