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Hello all-

In ki society, a zenpo nage is a forward throw. In the instance that I previously referred to, I was attacking with a same side wrist grab and was thrown along the line of my attack. We also have a similar throw called kirikaeishi (I probably fudged the spelling), or cut-back throw where uke is sent back in the direction he/she came. I hope this helps clarify things a bit. I personally find the varied aikido terminology a constant source of frustration when reading internet aikido forums, because it seems that I'm usually the one who doesn't know what is being discussed.

FWIW, I believe that no touch throws work because uke is receptive enough to get out of the way, which isn't always the case. That isn't to say that after practice over a pint of beer I haven't heard some amazing/unbelievable stories about ki extension, especially involving Tohei sensei. I haven't heard alot though. When I began aikido, people told me that there are no secrets in aikido. That said, I was talking to one of my sensei's a while back and he was alluding to having been told stories that he couldn't tell me, he swore to tell no one. What a crock!! I've read that Tohei sensei has on many times professed that ki isn't something magical or supernatural, which seems to contradict some of the stories I've heard.

But at the end of the day, you have to take it all with a grain of salt, I guess, and figure out things for yourself. I believe that ki is very real and more tangible than I first thought. Who knows how much the human potential is capable of, especially when in harmony with the universe?

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