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But as Joe Profitt pointed out, make a good "no touch" technique and it will work just fine when it "touches" as well


If when you say "Aiki techniques" you mean the "mystical, magical Ki development" then I suspect that those kind of techniques are never taught in the open (regardless of whether they are real or charlatans). If they are real, they would be regarded as secrets and not openly taught to the public -- and if they are fake they would not be taught to the public lest they risk exposure as a fraud.

So, either you are privy to something very special, or something very fake. Who am I to say which, you will be able to determine that for yourself (if not now, maybe in some time given more exposure to it)?

And while I have seen many wonders in Aikido (and experienced them myself), I have never seen or felt anything "mystical" thus far…but I am always willing to learn.


Bruce Kimpel
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