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the ability to bullshit ourselves is incredibly high particularly when it comes from a position of authority. We like to think we are above that and think rationally about certain things but the truth is most of react in patterns.

We had a guy who did this kind of stuff for years who used to come around every so often. As I was a beginner at this time and one of my teachers bought into it I spent time flopping too. It was a painful experience when I realized what was really going on.

I don't know any other way to call it but to say that your teacher is bullshitting everyone and most likely that includes him/herself.

'No touch' throws are something different and not that remarkable given the nature of our 'prearranged' practice. So many of our 'practice' attacks bring with them a lot of commitment or momentum. A skilled person should be able to work with them in a way that seems like magic to a relative beginner or in some cases even those with some time under them. But, as Larry pointed out, try and do them with someone not locked into a pattern or prearranged attack and see if it happens the same way.
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