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well, Mr.. I mean Bruce

may I call you bruce?


Now that you've mention it, A resident Shin-shin toitsu sensei in Indonesia did interact often with my sensei. He came to our dojo once with one of his student, to teach us how to use aikido in daily life. Amazing content. Didn't teach any technique, but showed us what a really good tenkan could do, or the fact that you didn't have to execute a technique for a self defense situation, just.. well.. tenkan.

I guess that man is probably the culprit behind the ominous "freezing" techniques.

Incidentally, I've been hearing that practice of any form of aiki techniques are frowned upon in Japan, since you seem to be more aware perhaps you could tell me if this is true?

Here in Indonesia, the people's character are the kind that will embrace such techniques wholeheartedly without any reservation.

I thought what Mr. Profitt means by zenpo is jiyuwaza. I guess not

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