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That's curious, I thought all aiki technique applications are similar. I've always assumed that my sensei got everything he showed to us from watanabe sensei.

Yet Mr. Bruce have never seen the freezing technique I mentioned earlier. Is this a rare manifestation? (what a language) I mean.. is what my sensei doing original? Or is he just being sadistic? because it really hurts when he does it.

His explanation on it is simple; attack the uke's tanden.

==Mr. Camejo's; I think this is more a result of Uke's mind than anything that Nage is doing, just like the no touch throws.==

I still think no-touch techniques still depends on an active nage. The uke simply gave a committed mind or attack for the nage to get a hold on, and redirect. Not just an active uke, even the act of passively standing straight can be used.

Just like Mr. Bruce's thesis ^_^ on attackers's mind.

By the way, what's a zenpo? i'm not familiar with the term. Jiyuwaza? My dojo rarely use atemi, we try to concentrate on creating extreme kuzushi instead.

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