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I have never been frozen nor been able to freeze anyone else (except when it's --31 degrees F here in Canada, heh heh).

I have heard that some sensei can give a look to uke and make them fall, but having a Karate background I don't look into nage's eyes (I look sort of through nage so I can keep my peripheral vision) when I attack so it would have no effect on me.

What I find interesting about "no touch" throws is that it does work with martial artists such as my self who don't actually look into the eyes of our opponents. The fact that I can still be affected by "no touch" throws means that even the specific actions performed by nage don't matter -- it's all in the combination of me having an attacker-mind (bent on doing something to nage) and nage finding the right time to "disturb" my intent.

Like Mr.Camejo said, to unbalance attackers that do not have a fully committed mindset (such as a boxer playing with you a bit) you will need to rely on contact methods.

Furthermore there are static versions of many of the techniques that work on an uncooperative uke, but they are almost always more damaging and painful to uke (because you provide the momentum instead of them, and if they remain rigid their limbs absorb your momentum).

"No touch" techniques are just an exercise to improve your timing and unbalancing skills. Just like my sensei used to always use one-finger throws to show how you can execute the same techniques without muscling your opponent (I believe he was taught that by Kanshu Sunadomari).

Regardless of the effectiveness of "no touch", when you reach the ability to do "no touch" techniques on your uke, your timing ability has reached an excellent level -- and that timing will make your "touch" Aikido that much more effective.


Bruce Kimpel
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