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yes! that's his name! Watanabe sensei.

I've first seen him on a embukai video, doing ridiculously illogical movements, while the ukes are simply brushed away, falling this way and that. I simply laughed and disbelieve it along with friends who watched.

Until I saw and feel it for real.

Well, your explanation on the attacker's mind just about sums everything me and my friends have been figuring out for the last six months. Except maybe for the break-down of basic, intermediate and advanced ukes mind. Nice to see it in writing and printable. ^_^

As for the 2-meter throw, this is how it happened; To demonstrate, sensei made me stand several meters away, and THINK about a certain type of attack. He also instructed me to execute the attack without giving any sign in advance.

When I did attack, I found out that I veered off and fell sideways and during my dash. It's as if the ground tilted sideways, and me along with it. Very strange...

I was curious, did your experience on no-touch throws include freezing too? can you do it?

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