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Aikido - the aiki part.. is it martial art?

I've been thinking... does anyone have any experience in ki aikido? my sensei recently transforms from steven-seagalish aikido into.... well.. magic, and i'm having some trouble keeping up with the new twists and variations shown on every practice. I mean.. how can freezing or throwing a person from 2 metres away be called martial art? If this is really what Aikido is all about, should it be called martial art?

My sensei repeatedly explained the concepts patiently to us, but so far none of us has managed to emulate his feats. I've already managed to grasp several concepts like tanden movement (solar plexus, chakra) or ki extension and applied them on techniques, but they're mostly simple concepts where you learn to recognize how a body should move. As for the "magic" techniques that can freeze and repel ukes - they're still a great mistery

I've always been a steadfast believer of aikido as a true martial art, where any technique applied with the proper principles and sequence will always be successful. Shorter people can compensate with better kuzushi and sabaki. Taller people can learn to make smaller movements for better effect.

But the first time my sensei called me forward to demonstrate a ki-technique.... phew. It feels like a stone appears in my belly, obstructing breath, movement and even thinking. And he wasn't even doing anything other than letting me touch his hand. After successfully causing great torment (that's how it appears to me at the time) and oxygen deprivation, he tossed me away.

After 9 - 10 such treatments, I couldn't get up even if my life depends on it. and then he told me that he learned them from teachers in japan who can do that to people from another room.

My sensei's aiki technique isn't perfect, sometimes I feel that I can break free, at other times I saw sensei struggling to apply the technique to a stubborn newbie. But WHEN it works, it really works.

So far all I can gather from various explanations, is that all techniques starts the moment the uke THINKS about the attack, and that the attack should be received wholeheartedly, by blending along with the uke's power, AND THEN toss 'em.

Well.. that explanation certainly didn't explain about my first experience with ki.


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