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Kensho Furuya
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In the several years after O'Sensei's passing, one high ranking teacher was making plans to split away from Hombu Dojo and start his own group. During those years, he and his followers said many negative and demeaning things against 2nd Doshu, but Doshu never made any comment - to the point that even his supporters were becoming very frustrated and disappointed in him. One day, I couldn't stand it any longer and went to Doshu and said, "Why don't you say something back against this person or defend yourself against such remarks, it is so painful to all of us to hear such things."

Doshu became very stern and reprimanded me saying (literally), "We practice Aikido, we do not say bad things against others." And he turned and walked away.

I was so ashamed of myself (as frustrated as I still was) but I so admired Doshu that he truly was enlightened into Aikido and its teachings as no other person I have ever met. After all these years, I still have not mastered his valuable lesson to me. But I know that, as far as Doshu was concerned, people who practice Aikido do not speak ill of others whatever the circmstances and that is it.
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