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Peter Goldsbury
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Mr Furuya,

Arikawa Sensei has been making regular visits to Hiroshima in these last few years, since Yamaguchi Sensei passed away. Of course he has mellowed somewhat, but still occasionally does something breathtaking, which makes you wonder, "How did he do that?", especially if you are on the end of it!

Since I got to know Arikawa Sensei quite well, we would usually meet and talk during my visits to Tokyo and the Hombu. Once we met quite by chance in Kinokuniya. I had bought a book on the Kojiki and so we spent an hour discussing this text. Very illuminating. I usually meet him at the All-Japan demonstration and sometimes he gives a running commentary on the demonstrations. The comments are very enlightening, but perhaps not for discussion in a forum such as this...

Alas, Arikawa Sensei is not well and has been in hospital in the last few months.

Best regards to you (we met many years ago at the house of Chiba Shihan in San Diego).

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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