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Mokusou... Peter, me catching ANYONE on spelling and typos is such a rare event that it should go marked somewhere!!! I'm dyslexic and english is my third language so really, it amazes me that people can still understand what I babble about.

Krav Maga is not more damaged prone on uke as anything really. From what I know of it (ie very little) it is a art that has mainly killing and maining techniques and is intendent to harm the attacker in such a way that they never get up again. Then again, I could be wrong. Anyone care to enlighten me?

As for the rate of being hurt to hurting, I think that people foget what it is like to be a beginner and therefore apply locks and techniques too hard. It's difficult to judge your partner sometimes -- read: all the time!

The people who understand, understand prefectly. York Shodokan Aikido
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