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David Yap
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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:

One interesting thing I saw in the two recent polls asking (1) "Have you ever intentionally injured someone seriously in your aikido training?" and (2) "Has anyone ever injured you seriously and intentionally in your aikido training?" was the disparity in the number between those who say they have intentionally injured someone during training (~4%) versus those who said they themselves were intentionally injured during training (~15%). What this disparity might mean, I'll leave as an exercise to the reader.

-- Jun
Hi Jun & others,

As for the explanation to the 3rd-Kyu, I agree with Ian - forget it.

The disparity in the polls could be true in the sense that most people have no intention to hurt another. The attitude of caring (humility)is just not there. They just don't care whether their partners could be injured, they are only interested in executing the techniques in the same manner as the sensei/shihan - dynamically. At times they are oblivious to the surroundings, they don't realised/don't care whether the uke is being thrown against the dojo wall or onto someone else trainning next to them.

In my case (with the past instructors), only the first instructor apologised - that was after he had shown the whole technique to the class. He didn't stop the technique half way to check whether I was alright to continue. Some of you may not agree with me, I feel that some instructors (below 4th dan) do have a brutal streak in them to force a technique through even it is against the doctrine of O sensei's aikido. You can tell the difference in techniques - some dynamic but absolutely no grace. Grace come with confidence, experience and humility.

Just my frank thoughts.


David Y
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