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Teaching is complicated. On the one hand you have students that constantly want learn new techniques without mastering the basics. Basics can be boring. Yet, poor basics make for ineffective and sloppy technique.

So how does one balance the two-get students to master the basics and yet keep them interested? It is quite a challenge.

There are some issues with instructors that stop training-they show up and teach. They never attend seminars, they never study videos, they never read, they don't try to move themselves forward. Burnout? Who knows. There are instructors like this out there. Their stasis can become yours. However, there are instructors out there that do constantly push themselves to progress. It is a training mindset.

Entering the mat with the mindset that you are going to learn something every time you step on the mat will prevent a lack of personal advancement even if you feel your instructor is boring you. When you approach your training with that mindframe, you will never feel stuck or bored no matter what. You will find that even the instructor who keeps doing ikkyo over and over will be able to help you grow.
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