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Thanks Mr.Bolden.


Of course I don't think every teacher is lacking these important tools to learn from their students. There are many wonderful teachers in Aikido. I was, however, recognizing a common theme among *many* questions/concerns on this forum from students of all levels and organizations…so obviously the issue touches more than one dojo -- no?

I don't think that any sensei have to stand up at "Aikidoholics Anonymous" and admit they have a problem in order to recognize that their teaching can use some spicing up. I did not outline areas of weakness, as much as opportunities for advancement. And I certainly don't expect teachers to respond to my post at all -- just maybe read it (or their students will read it and pass it on to their sensei) and give the issues 2 seconds worth of thought, that's all.

As for only accepting advice from their seniors, hmm, I suspect that is part of the issue that prevents growing as a teacher in the first place. Often we start out by emulating our teachers, because that is the example we know. Some teachers don't look any further; they stop learning and keep doing what they learned 50 years ago. Some teachers, however, keep searching and learning and some even surpass their own teachers. And some teachers do listen to what their students are saying (as exemplified in the cross-pollinization thread on this forum), and it shows in their organizations.

As for my rank, I am a student (and having studied Aikido for only 13 years now, I cannot consider myself anything but a student) and if you are a teacher you have an opportunity to learn from me and all the other students voicing their opinions


Bruce Kimpel
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