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Hi !

I'll share a recent incident -

During ude kimenage I had to change direction

of the throw because of a wall,so it became

a front throw instead of to the side (cutting the ancles),uke rolls straight on the neck and it snaps !!!

We never found out what went wrong,but there are three things possible :

Uke didn't roll on his arm,

the drection was too straight so he was rolling on the spine,

the throw was too high so he landed on the neck instead of being lead to the mat.

Thank God he's back on the mat - with doctors warning !

I really had to analyse this to learn quickly !

Maybe it was a case of getting carried away,

so little and enough to cause serious damage.

We trained together again two days ago,and

this time it went alright.Phew!

Height means so much,like ukemi,the lower the safer.

Train safe - yours Chr.B.
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