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John Boswell
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Well, let's think about this a little bit.

1) Do you really think there are NO teachers out there that know how to "change it up" or what have you? I know my instructor is in a constant state of flux with his frame by frame review of Doshu's and other Sensei's videos. No two classes are EVER the same.

2) Those instructors that DO fall into your catagory will find it difficult to either admit that they are like that or will not see that as their situation at all. It would take an objective and outside instructor, most likely of higher rank, to come in and give 'constructive criticism' and even then you don't know how it will be received.

Its kind of a Catch-22: Those who hear you are not the subject of this thread and those who are will not see that they are.

Lastly, what is your rank and Aikido experience? That also may have something to do with whether any instructors will respond to this thread of yours. /shrug

Just a thought.

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