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Seminars have both pros & cons. The pros are that they offer a chance for us to learn from some of the Shihan who are getting up there in age and are starting to become ill and leave this earth. I truly miss Toyoda Shihan. He was a great and fun man. We also get a chance to see different ways to do techniques. I am a Shodan and have been doing Aikido for 8 years. But I see Shihans Kanai, Chiba or Yamada doing technique without much effort, I realize that there is alot we are missing. The cons are that politics now plays a huge role in Aikido and seminars. Alot of it has come down to money. How many times have we all been to a seminar and worked out with people who have no business being Shodans? But because of politics, many people get promoted who shouldn't. When deciding whether to go to a seminar, look at who is teaching and if you go, get out of the seminar what you can and keep training.

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