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On the other hand, 'uke' does not mean 'dummy'. He is supposed to 'stay in character' in relation with the exercise and tori's level of skill. When practicing the techniques, we 'pretend' uke is not an aikidoka : he is hostile, tries to strike or grab... So if he wants to be honest all the way, he should continue trying until tori is successful. Tori inflicts useless pain ? As soon as uke breaks free, he is entitled to answer back according to the tactical situation. If it results in a good punch, so be it.
very true, but we shouldn't forget the purpose of aikido training; to make both uke and nage learn. In order to make both parties learn sincerity is needed by both uke and nage. Uke should prevent nage togo on easily but uke shouldn't have fighting set of mind, so does nage, they shouldn't have dirty set of mind that can cause injury to uke.
In the past when I was uke for my instructors, I left the fate of my well being in their hands. I would lend them the use of my body to demonstrate any aikido techniques and put my trust in them to treat my body with care and with a bit of tenderness. Alas, that was not to be. My right wrist was first injured after my instructor (a 4th dan now) had locked me in nikkyu; and despite my tapping out in pain, he told me that I was bluffing and proceeded to apply more pressure. At that instance, I was tapping the floor like crazy and was hoping that the ground I was kneeling on would open up to relief the pain. The injury on my left wrist was much worst coming off a katate-tori sankyu. After bringing me down with an ikkyu movement, the instructor (known for egoistic and sadistic character in our local aikido community) then twisted my hand for a sankyu grip and the upward thrust of my arm was done with much so strength and speed and couple with the continuing twisting of my hand sent me backward so fast that I had no opportunity to tap/yell out in pain.
unfortunately, many instructors only understand aikido in its jujitsu form, that is, only understand technique without positive set of mind (anyway, i think there's quite many of them in malaysia). I don't now how to makethem realize unless they've been taught/shown by the higher dan about their arrogance, but again, usually once they've been shown they tend to avoid it.
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